Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Painting with Light.

I've been falling in love with light centered works and installations lately. Perhaps it is something about the chilly cold and darkness that is creeping in with the winter season, and the warm glow that these pieces surround you in. Or perhaps it has more to do with the unconfined nature of light, and freedom to reach out and touch you as it is expressed - at a time when I feel contrained and yet boundless possibility. I'm not quite sure...

Today, I stumbled upon Picasso portrayed and practicing as a light painter, and fell totally in love.

LIFE writes,
"Renowned LIFE photographer Gjon Mili, a technical genius and lighting innovator, visited Pablo Picasso in the South of France in 1949. Mili showed the artist some of his photographs of ice skaters with tiny lights affixed to their skates, jumping in the dark — and Picasso’s lively mind began to race. This series of photographs, since known as Picasso’s “light drawings,” were made with a small flashlight or “light pencil” in a dark room; the images vanished almost as soon as they were created."
Check out LIFE's gallery of the light painting photos: Picasso: Drawing With Light

Found via PetaPixel

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