Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Did I mention how amazing Thanksgiving was?! Well it was, and I've been thinking about it a lot. I may have been an utter sloth (I'll admit it, I'm not above it. I think it's well deserved after this month, thank you!) but some quiet time at home with my parents and my love was just what I needed. I am incredible thankful for the health of my family this year.

The highlight (beside the spontaneous dance party in a dive bar downtown) was most definitely the culinary adventures my mom and I undertook over the break... We had a pretty marvelous time in the kitchen together! I think I could cook all day, every day. I love it, and I owe that wholeheartedly to my mom.

... Chicken pot pie is undoubtedly the most highly demanded home cookin in the Wilson household; it would not be a trip home without it! It just so turns out that it is also pretty amazing with turkey (thank goodness, we had tons left over!). We riff on this recipe, do you have a favorite?

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