Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Les Voyageurs.

While I'm sure the 365 foray was thrilling, and nostalgically reminiscent of 365ThroughMyEyes, I am very excited to be back online and share all the witty designs that I've been stashing away over the last two months!! 

What better way to get back into the swing of things, than to highlight the breathtakingly gorgeous work of Paris-born artist, Cedric le Borgne?! 


Cedric Le Borgne creates these illuminated human figures (Les Voyageurs) using delicately sculpted chicken wire. The figures are often installed in highly visible public places, suspended in the air in parks or in busy urban centers. In his own words:
"C├ędric Le Borgne invites everyone to view daily life in a fresh way, to rise up, to dream. By abolishing barriers, his work of exploring spaces is sensitive, his poetry subtly interacts with each place it comments upon. Le Borgne’s work is currently on display along the South Bailey in Durham, England as part of Durham Lumiere, the UK’s largest light festival."
Dreamy inspiration indeed.

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