Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have fallen in love with a coffee shop. Yes, I know, that sounds silly. But we all have right?

Acre is in Petaluma, and it became my cozy home for the last three weeks of my sabattical while I was studying. Outfitted with old schoolhouse chairs, library-esque work stations and a long community table, neighbors make their way to the new spot for a fresh, french pressed coffee throughout the day. Friends come to chat, young people come to knit from the window seat, students pour over their books, entrepreneurs type away on their laptops and dogs wait patiently outside. The owner peddles eggs from his farm and goods from the bakery down the street. You can stay as long as you like, it's just that kind of place.

These photographs document probably my favorite scene ever: A father and daughter during story time. Utilizing the old typewriter always outfitted with crisp paper for patrons, this doting father took dictation from his young daughter who detailed an imaginative story to him while enjoying her afternoon milk and cookies. When she was done, she read it back to him, and then wrote another tale from his lap. Watching this adventure unfold had to be the best hour of my week.


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