Wednesday, February 8, 2012


From Fast Co Design:
"Being trapped in an airport waiting on a delayed flight can feel like an eternity. After exhausting the overpriced food options and duty-free shops, what else is there to do but fidget in a stiff seat and bemoan air travel’s tragic decline? If only there were a comfortable spot to stretch out and take a nap without worrying about someone swiping your luggage. Meet SleepBox 01, a shoebox-size room designed by Arch Group to give weary travelers a place to rest for anywhere between a half hour to several hours. The first full-scale model has been installed in the Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.
The Moscow-based firm has made some radical aesthetic changes to its 2009 proposal, abandoning the white iPod exterior for the warmer look of ash veneer. The inside resembles a boat cabin, with every inch maximized to provide a short-term guest with everything she might need short of a shower: a twin-size bunk bed, a fold-down desk, a nightstand, an LED lamp, a gadget charging station, and electric-drive blinds for privacy."
Pod hotels are nothing new, but I do find the scale and offering of this space intriguing nonetheless.

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