Monday, February 13, 2012

Scenes from the Weekend: SF Beer Week.

In a last minute change of plans, I ended up staying in the city this weekend and doing my part to kick off SF Beer Week right. And if for no other reason, I'm glad we did because we wandered on over to the Mission to try out the new Southern Pacific Brewery. This place is truly a gem. Good beer, spacious modern digs, tasty bites and a laid back, friendly atmosphere. I'm a huge fan. It's the city's version on Lagunitas' tap room, and that's sayin' something! It's the perfect place for an afternoon of brews while the weather is still too shoddy outside to brave Biergarten and Zietgeist's outdoor patios (not that it's stopped us before!).

Also on the weekend circuit: City sunscapes from atop Twin Peaks, experimenting with my new Holga, whipping up some homemade ricotta (crostini with ricotta and spicy broccoli rabe is undoubtedly my new party trick - watch out friends!), and [more] beers at Social in the Sunset (Rapscallion or Big Lebowski anyone?).

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