Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Myths Summer Is Made Of.

These are the myths summer is made of... Fulfilling wanderlust through long journeys... The surreal experience of completely surrendering yourself to a new world... Sharing in the joy of loved ones... Jumping from new heights, and diving to the depths of the crystal clear ocean and your soul to discover new treasures... The sun beating down on the well worn shore and your newly bronzed skin... Exquisitely new culinary delights... Tantalizing your senses with the sounds of church bells ringing, carafes of wine clattering onto tabletops surrounded by friends, chatter echoing from the cafes in the square into the wee morning hours, mopeds whirring, the delicious buzz of air conditioning, ferries announcing their arrival to port... The quiet lapping of the sea against the rocks as the sun fades on the horizon night after night...

Simply magical.

Though I have been in the habit of sharing mobile 365 snaps for the most part over the last year, I am going to try to post more photographs shot with my s95 and dslr from now on, beginning with a few additional recaps from Greece! (But perhaps not all 2000 shots. Yep. That happened.)

AND. Watch in the coming months for a creative collaboration with This B Life!! We are gearing up for a really fun endeavor, and I can't wait to share it with you.

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  1. wow, these pics are incredible! Seriously, they made me feel like I was having a summer break of sorts. So happy you had such a fun trip!