Friday, July 20, 2012


I won't lie. I have had a Greek salad every day since I came home. I am completely obsessed.

Daphne has found my obsession immensely amusing ever since our last adventure in Greece in 2006. I'm tempted to say that given my insatiable desire for them whenever we are together, and her teasing, she believes that this behavior is the norm year round, year after year. It's probably not far from the truth I suppose...

There's something about these salads that can't be replicated at home though, and I've never been able to put my finger on what it was. The tomatoes aren't quite as sweet, the cucumbers aren't as crisp... Sometimes, that's it... but no, that isn't the real problem... What is it then? 

It's all in the spices (well, and a rich slab of feta, let's be honest). Huzzah!!! While in Corfu, I picked up the biggest bag of "greek salad spice" (conveniently labelled for the non-Greek speakers, ha!) that I could find. Simply defined though, I was slightly disappointed to discover that all this really is, is oregano, parsely and spearmint! It's magic dust, and I'll take it!!

Spanikopita also makes my heart sing. Its mention shouldn't be buried this deep in the post since it inspired this love letter to Greek food, but I got carried away with my tales of the perfect salad, forgive me... There's no more perfect a bite of food than spanikopita in my book (other than my mom's pot pie of course). Flaky, creamy and savory with a bite of lemon on the finish. Sigh. I'm getting hungry now. If I had the slightest rumble in my tummy when passing a bakery in Greece, I jumped on the chance to bop in and acquire a spinach pie. Usually you can find perfectly sized snack versions as well... you know for the times when you aren't actually hungry but you just couldn't get enough. It's as if the Greeks really understand me, you know? We are going to have a life long love affair, Greece and I.

I couldn't help it... Within a week of returning home to San Francisco I whipped up a batch from my very own recipe, and we devoured them in minutes...

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