Monday, March 19, 2012

Eide Shoma Mobarak!

We rang in Nowruz - Persian New Year - a celebration marking the first day of spring, with SK's family last week. We feasted on dishes traditionally prepared for the day (sabzi poli mahi, reshteh polo and kookoo sabzi), and family memories were shared from celebrations passed.

I was particularly struck by the Haft Sîn (or, seven S's), the table setting of Nowruz, which has evolved over time but carries significant symbolism and spiritual value. The sabzeh (sprouts) symbolize rebirth, the senjed (dried fruit of the oleaster tree) symbolizes love, the sīb (apples) symbolize beauty and health, the sīr (garlic) symbolizes medicine, the somaq symbolizes the color of sunrise, and the serkeh (vinegar) symbolizes age and patience. Additionally, the sekkeh (coins) represent wealth, the candles symbolize enlightenment and happiness, the mirror symbolizes cleanness and honesty, the decorated eggs symbolize fertility and the goldfish in water symbolize life within life, and the sign of pisces which is the sun leaving. What a wonderful way to welcome the new year.

Eide shoma mobarak, friends!

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