Tuesday, August 16, 2011


As part of the Flux Aura and Artist as Neighbor project, Candy Chang created this fantastic public installation for a community in Turku, Finland, European Capital of Culture 2011. In transforming a pedestrian path that leads to a local university, she hoped to share the ideas and thoughts of citizens - their memories, wished and choices. Nicknamed, "Uraputki" or Career Path, she asked passersby to fill in the blanks with colored chalk: "When I was little I wanted to be ____. Today I want to be ____." 

The project’s aim is to reflect on our lives and how much we’ve changed (or not) — comparing our youth with our present and, at the same time, share all these thoughts with the members of our community.

Given the week I've had (yes, I realize it's only Tuesday), this project made a huge impression on me.  How would you answer these questions?

Via Pop Up City

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