Monday, August 6, 2012

Festival of Colors: Thomas Hawk.

I'm going to try something new for the next few weeks here on Witty Designs, and that is to stick to a concept or theme for a week or so in an attempt to share the witty art and design that I find myself curating in my mind (and piling up in my archives!). Did you enjoy the sunny, sandy week we just had?

Originally, I had intended on transitioning into a week of portraiture inspired by the contorted faces of Olympic divers (Did you see these?! Check it out.) as it seemed to span the gap between themes, and was timely considering the spectacular international competition afoot... But really, I've simply found myself drawn to portraits lately - expressions of such a wide range of experience and emotion. It stems from my own soul searching no doubt...

I found myself entranced by this collection of portraits taken during the 2012 Holi Festival of Colors at Spanish Fork, Utah earlier this year by San Francisco photographer Thomas Hawk.  They are full of such joy and spirit! (I think a "color run" is in store for me soon!) The perfect way to greet the week... Happy Monday friends!

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