Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From the Source.

(From Fast Company, Infographic of the Day: Where Does Your Water Come From?)

"We take it for granted that water comes from the tap, but we don't appreciate that it often has to travel hundreds, even thousands of miles from its source to get where it's ultimately consumed. David Wicks, a masters student at UCL, set about to fill that void, with Drawing Water, a project that's equal parts data viz and art project.

'Each line in a print corresponds to a daily rainfall measurement. The length of the line and its initial placement are determined by the amount of rainfall measured and where it fell. The final placement and color of each line are determined by the influence of urban water consumers. The more water a city uses, the stronger its pull on the rainfall. As rainfall is pulled farther from where it fell, it changes color from blue to black.'

Thus, what you get isn't quite a literal exploration of water flows, but rather a metaphorical one that shows the often vast disconnect between where our resources lie and where they're ultimately consumed. "

The result is quite powerful.

I think we have ourselves a theme for the week: Water.

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