Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All the world's a canvas for this photograffeur!

Absolutely enthralled by the New York Time Magazine's feature on "photograffeur" JR - who puts himself somewhere between a photography and graffiti artist - as he travels the world photographing locals in shatytowns in Kenya or a favela in Brazil, and casts the images on surfaces around the area for all the world to see.  He "often works at night, and as soon as he’s done, he disappears; so when the installation becomes front-page news, there is no one left to explain it but the people whose voices had not been previously heard."

From the article, by Gaby Woods (all photographs by JR himself):

1.  An action from the project "Wrinkles of the City" in Shanghai, for which JR photographed elders from the community to represent the memory of the city's past.
2.  Trains and shack rooftops in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, were covered with pictures of local women to highlight their pivotal role in society.
3.  An image lounging along the Seine in Paris. 
4.  JR's "Women Aer Heroes" action spanned several cities in different countries, calling attention to women in troubled regions.  These steps are in the Providencia, the oldest favela in Rio de Janeiro.

For a more intimate look at the broad public portfolio of JR, check out the  Flickr page, "JR the Photograffeur"

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